Fraudulent Charges by RSW Hotel Bar/Restaurant

Attention Flight Attendants:

It has come to the attention of the Spirit AFA Leadership Team that the layover hotel in RSW has been accidentally charging its customers' credit/debit cards 100 times the total bill amount! For example, a charge for $4.24 will ring up as $424.00. This is happening at the Four Points by Sheraton Fort Myers Airport Hotel at 13600 Treeline Avenue South, Fort Myers, FL 33913. After further research, we have found similar cases from as far back as September 2015. Our MEC Hotel Chairperson will be coordinating with Spirit Management, Hotel Connections, an the General Manager of the hotel in RSW to get this issue fixed immediately and ensure that Flight Attendant's who have been victimized by this mistake will be reimbursed right away. If the hotel cannot fix the matter immediately, Spirit AFA will be submitting a formal request to change layover hotels in RSW and protect our Flight Attendant's from further incidents. In the meantime, we urge everyone to double-check their credit card and bank statements if you made any purchases at the RSW layover hotel within the past few months. If you have a layover there and eat or drink at the hotel, either pay in cash or keep an eye on your statements to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to you. Finally, we encourage all of you to report issues such as these to the Spirit AFA team by using the contact information found at Posting serious issues on social media or chatting in the galleys may reach a few ears, but the Spirit AFA Union has resources to spread official news directly to your inbox ASAP. Help us help each other by utilizing the resources at hand.


Thank you for your attention and everyone have a safe and Merry Christmas today/Happy Holidays,


In Solidarity,


Your Spirit AFA Leadership Team