Negotiations Update: December 2015

Happy Holidays Flight Attendants,


Your Union Leadership Team has been hard at work, both flying out on the line and working in between trips on Union-related duties. We know you are all eager to hear news of the latest negotiations session and so we thank you for staying patient while we put this update together for you.

The Negotiating Committee finished up a two-day bargaining session with management in the DC area on Friday.  The ebb and flow of negotiations was demonstrated as both teams worked through issues and were alternately encouraged and frustrated.  However, we did reach a tentative agreement on the Uniform Section.


Uniforms and Scheduling were the focus of the session.   

We live our work lives in our uniform and thus it is a very personal issue for all of us.  Management is moving to a completely new uniform look and “brand.”  When will the roll-out happen?  There is no fixed date.  What will the new uniform look like? That too is uncertain; however, management has committed to having AFA involved in the process of defining the new uniform.  In the Section we TA’d with management this session, we beefed up uniform replacement and achieved additional uniform credits in the event of a uniform change.


Scheduling was another heavy-hitting section.  Your committee is working diligently to improve protections for Flight Attendants and simultaneously to dramatically increase flexibility in our schedules.  As you can imagine, the more flexibility we demand, the more management feels they are losing control.  We have been making the case that as Flight Attendants gain more tools for schedule adjustment, the happier everyone will be, including crew scheduling.  This is an on-going discussion.


Our next session will be the week of January 25 in Fort Lauderdale.  Both teams have agreed to continue discussions on Scheduling and to address Compensation.  We will continue to keep you posted.

In Solidarity,


Your Negotiating Committee

Jorge Buchelli, MEC President

Amy Drinkhouse, MEC Vice President

Kathryn Ayala, LEC President, ORD

Paula Mastrangelo, Sr. Staff Negotiator