Recent Benefits Issues Update

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Our Union Benefits Committee is aware there are some issues with several of our benefits including travel, FSA and our new prescription company Express Script. The Spirit AFA Benefits Committee has been in email communications with the Company and have spoken verbally with Edna Bechara Senior Manager of Employee Benefits and the Spirit HR Department concerning these issues. She and her team are aware of the errors and are working to fix them as soon as possible.
Some dependents have not been showing up as options when FAs attempt to list them for flights. If you have issues related to your travel dependents not being visible on, please first go to and try to list under Team Travel,
If they aren't listed there, please verify on the ESS website under myself>benefits. If they are listed here, contact id90 support ( or 877-298-5233 Toll free) because the trouble is coming from their end. If they aren't visible under ESS, please email and cc:, as that means there is an error through Spirit's HR department.
FSA (Flexible Spending Account) / HSA (Health Spending Account)
The Spirit FSA and HSA programs are also under review by HR for errors. It came to our attention that the elected contributions were not being deposited correctly into these accounts. Make sure you keep an eye on your account for any discrepancies. Please forward any and ALL screenshots of your selections and allocations to and PLEASE cc: as well. In addition, if you have any out-of-pocket claims, please retain all applicable documents and/or receipts for reimbursement to submit as well.
In the past 7-10 days the company sent out new prescription cards called Express Scripts. These cards MUST be activated prior to filling a prescription. a medication is not covered or has a higher co-pay than it was in the past, please send a copy of the receipt and/or supporting documentation to
Please keep in mind the HR department covers the entire company and all benefit levels. They may not be able to respond to you immediately, so your patience is appreciated. What we do request is that when you send your email to HR, please also include the Benefits Committee in your email so that we can properly advocate for you if the situation calls for it. Our email address is
If you or someone you know experiences any other trouble with your Spirit FA Benefits, please contact us immediately so we can take action. We will continue to keep you posted on any future updates regarding these matters ASAP.
In Solidarity,
Liza M Sanchez 
MEC Benefits Coordinator Chairperson
Michael Warwas
MEC Benefits Coordinator Vice Chairperson