MEC Report to Membership: What We Know

Dear Spirit AFA-CWA Union Brothers and Sisters,


What a week of change it has been for Spirit Airlines.  2016 did not come in with a whimper but a ROAR!


The week began with an announcement of the changing of the guard by the Spirit Airlines Board of Directors.  Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ben Baldanza, who lead us through the transition to become the Ultra-Low Cost Carrier thereby changing the airline industry as we knew it, was replaced by Board Member Robert L. Fornaro.  Our new CEO, Mr. Fornaro, comes to us with impressive airline industry credentials.  Mr. Fornaro is not new to Spirit Airlines (he has been a member of our Board of Directors since May of 2014), nor is he new to the airline industry.  Mr. Fornaro has been in significant leadership roles at AirTran, Southwest, Northwest and US Airways.  When Ben came to us in 2006 we had less than 400 Flight Attendants.  Now, Mr. Fornaro will lead a Flight Attendant group that has quadrupled in size.  As of the last graduating class, we are over 2,000 Flight Attendants strong.  Your Union Leadership is looking forward to getting to know Mr. Fornaro in his new role and we hope for a productive and mutually respectful relationship going forward as we continue to build a strong and professional workforce.