Negotiations Update: March 4th, 2016


MARCH 4TH, 2016

Dear Spirit Flight Attendants,


Our 2-day mediation session in DC ended without an agreement.


Over the last several months, your negotiating committee has worked to reach an agreement for Spirit Flight Attendants.  Although we made great progress in most areas of the agreement including compensation and work rules, the talks stalemated over the Company’s insistence on dramatically changing our current health care plans.


In short, the company wants to completely eliminate the quality medical insurance plans we have today and raise deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and co-insurance percentage rates to unacceptable levels.   The Company brought this to the table in the last two sessions when talks focused on economics. If healthcare was not on the table, we would already have a deal.


We know that all of you, including us, had high expectations of reaching a deal this week.  Because of management’s refusal to consider reasonable modifications to the healthcare plans, we were unable to come to an agreement which we believe you would ratify.

The MEC will be meeting soon to discuss our next steps and we will keep you informed.


In Solidarity,


Jorge Buchelli, Negotiations Committee Chair

MEC President


Kathryn Ayala, Negotiations Committee Member

LEC President - Local 77 (ORD)

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