FACT OF THE DAY #2 - the starting wage of a SPIRIT AIRLINES Flight Attendant is $18.04 an hour.  This wage rate was last changed in February 2007.

At 72 guaranteed hours a month times twelve months a year (with a minor increase after probation) a first year SPIRIT AIRLINES Flight Attendant makes only $16,882.

Our COO John Bendoraitis refused to increase the starting wage rate and stuck to his guns in TA2.  If TA2 had passed, the starting wage rate would have remained the same ridiculously low $18.04 an hour for at least thirteen (13 years).

Our Flight Attendant group overwhelmingly rejected TA2 and COO John Bendoraitis' cheapness.  There is absolutely nothing industry-standard about our low wages.  Yet, now he is saying he wants to give us "industry-standard" health care.

The last thought for today is if you were to compare our starting wages with someone that works a regular 9 to 5 job, our SPIRIT AIRLINES Flight Attendants would be making only $8.12 an hour which is grossly below minimum wage.

Our COO wants you to get the facts.  Well we are going to give him what he asked for so he can "sleep on it" while we all stand Union strong!