Our COO stated in his podcast that we have five (5) open sections remaining in our TA. His statement is misleading. The truth is that we have just about closed out four (4) of those sections that remain "open". Let us explain so you can have a clearer picture: We have secured the content, language and numbers included in each of these sections. Until a section is signed by both parties, it is considered "open" even if the only remaining attention needed is to provide final numbers and/or signatures.


These "open" sections are directly tied to Section 18 - Benefits. This means that if we do not agree to give up our current health plans, then the company may want to take something away from compensation. Once Section 18 - Benefits is mutually agreed upon (medical plan costs, details, etc.), then all the remaining sections can be signed off on as agreed or modified and then they are officially considered "closed".


Our COO wants you to get the facts. Consider this fact. As a CEO or COO, you could make a high, 6-figure income as your compensation, so maybe you won't worry about having good healthcare coverage because you can afford not to. High premiums or expensive doctor bills most likely wouldn't derail your regular day-to-day finances. Our members value their health and the health of their families, which is directly tied to their income and expenses because none of us can match a COO's income with our Flight Attendant salary so we would need to budget carefully to keep an "emergency savings fund" or pay off a medical bill in case an unexpected ailment or injury occurs.