Negotiations Update: Healthcare

Dear Spirit Flight Attendants:


It is important that you know what is at stake in our contract negotiations.


Management is proposing to eliminate four (4) health care plans currently offered to Flight Attendants and replace them with a very High-Deductible /HSA plan and a very High-Deductible PPO plan with more out of pocket costs for flight attendants. Here are Management’s proposed changes for our current “Plan B” Healthcare negotiations (which affect most of you):


  • Deductible for individuals: Currently we have $0 deductibles and Management wants to increase it to $950
  • Deductible for Employee+1 (EE+1)/Family: Currently we have $0 deductibles and Management wants to increase it to $1,900
  • Out of Pocket Maximums for individuals: From $898 currently to Management's proposed increase to $2,600   
  • Out of Pocket Maximums for EE+1/Family: From $2,697 currently to Management's proposed increase to $5,200
  • Co-insurance rate: From 0% currently to Management’s proposed increase to 15% for Individual, EE+1 and Family
  • Significantly raise monthly premiums for EE+1 and Family coverage


The company has proposed other changes to the health care plans which would mean more out-of-pocket costs for Flight Attendants.  

Your Negotiating Committee responsibly addressed some of Management’s concerns on the spiraling cost of health insurance, but our proposals were rejected. Management refused to budge on their position. Furthermore, Management’s current compensation offer on the table is not enough to offset the cuts in healthcare that they want. By the end of the contract, most if not all of our raises would be eaten up by paying for our health care.


Please know that we would already have a deal if Management wasn't trying to make drastic healthcare concessions. We were that close to an agreement. But these drastic changes to our health care is a deal breaker.

Spirit Flight Attendants Need a Contract Now.  


Spirit Flight Attendant pay rates have been at the bottom of the heap for years and affordable healthcare was the only bright spot as far as our compensation and benefits go. Now the company is proposing to gut our health insurance benefits.


In this round of negotiations, we have not “opened” every single section of the contract. Your Negotiating Team discussed many Contract Sections only to clarify the language formatting (cross-outs and additions) from TA2.  One major concern you indicated from TA2 was the confusion over changes in language. Proposed actual changes were focused on Compensation and Scheduling. Our actions at the bargaining table were a result of your direction to us through the Survey and Listening Tours.


Your MEC will be meeting in Washington, DC to assess the situation. We will be consulting with the AFA International staff and officers to decide the next steps. We will keep you informed along the way.


Now is the time to be Stronger Together Better Together.


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In Solidarity,


Jorge Buchelli, Negotiations Committee Chair

MEC President


Kathryn Ayala, Negotiations Committee Member

LEC President - Local 77 (ORD)