Negotiations Update: March 16th 2016. Fight for 10 and the return to the negotiating table. 

Negotiations Update
Fight for 10 and Return to the Table

To Our Spirit AFA Brothers and Sisters,

Your leadership group is currently in Washington, D.C. participating in AFA International's Rally for Rest.

We are storming Capitol Hill to educate our representatives about the need for 10 hours of minimum rest for flight attendants as well as the need for an FAA-Regulated Fatigue Risk Management Plan.  We are strong.  We are professional.  And, we are fierce in our advocacy for our fellow flight attendants.

We also would like to share some news about Negotiations.  Management has requested, and your Negotiators have agreed, to return to the bargaining table to try and wrap up our outstanding issues.  We will be returning to the table this Friday, March 18th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

While we see this as progress, please know that we will continue the fight for a fair and equitable contract, especially given the nine year struggle to finally get a deal.

We thank you for your support and always remember Stronger Together Better Together.

In Solidarity,

Jorge Buchelli, Negotiations Committee Chair
MEC President
Kathryn Ayala, Negotiations Committee Member
LEC President - Local 77 (ORD)