Opening a New Chapter

Opening A New Chapter


Greetings to our Union Sisters and Brothers,   It is with great excitement that we anticipate the publishing of our new tentative agreement tomorrow, 3/29/16 at 1700 EST.  If ratified by the membership, this tentative agreement between the AFA-CWA and management will begin a new chapter in our labor relations. 


Last week, your Negotiations Committee (Jorge Buchelli and Kathryn Ayala) presented the MEC leadership group with a complete written tentative agreement document. In previous negotiation cycles, the Leadership group only received outlines and bullet points not a full text agreement. Your Negotiators felt strongly that a full text document must be presented to the Local Elected Presidents in order for your elected leadership to make a fully informed decision on behalf of the Flight Attendants. The elected leaders spent two intensive days going over the tentative agreement word by word, paragraph by paragraph and page by page. At the end of this document review, the elected leaders voted unanimously to send the tentative agreement forward to the membership for a ratification vote. The leadership group felt this tentative agreement represented significant gains in both economics and work rules. The leadership group also recognized that in negotiating any agreement that management would also need changes in order to improve its operations. The result is a tentative agreement that is a solid compromise between the needs of the Flight Attendants and the efficiency of the Spirit Airlines operations. Please know that your Union Leadership supports this agreement and we look forward to your ratification.