Spirit AFA-CWA TA #3 Release



Dear Spirit AFA-CWA Union Sisters and Brothers, Today is a very proud day for your Union Negotiations  Committee and your Master Executive Council (MEC)  Leadership.  We are pleased to direct you to the Spirit  AFA-CWA website (spiritafa.org/TA) to download a  complete text of the new Tentative Agreement which  we negotiated on behalf of our 2,200 plus members.   On the website, you will also find a Summary of  Changes.  

Your leadership group feels that this Tentative  Agreement represents significant gains in both  economics and work rules. This Agreement locks in  protections and positions our group as we move into  the future.  The path to reach this Tentative  Agreement wasn’t easy but it was important to fight  for as many protections as we could.  Upon successful  ratification, each flight attendant will immediately see  more money for you and your family.


Highlights of our Tentative Agreement include:


  • An immediate hourly rate increase for ALL Flight  Attendants and 88% - 38% raises over the life of the  Agreement, and maintained our time and a half  overtime pay plus day of with restoration (DORs). 
  • A Ratification Incentive ranging from $4000 to  $8000 for all non-probationary active Flight  Attendants as of May 1st, 2016. 
  • 100% Company match on Flight Attendant’s first 6%  401K contribution which doubles the current match.
  • Incremental health care plan modifications and low  premiums, while still maintaining one of the best  health care plans in the airline industry.  Moreover, a  cap on healthcare premium increases throughout the  life of this Agreement.
  • No Preferential Bidding System (PBS) and no  requirement to discuss PBS for the future.
  • Increased deadhead pay to 100% for deadhead legs.
  • Opened up real time electronic trading between flight  attendants, as well as creating a transparent “bucket  system” for Reserve Flight Attendants.
  • Commuter Policy (new Section 25).
  • The definition of Longevity is standardized as starting  from initial training graduation not from “assignment  to the line”
  • Reserve Flight Attendants can now pick up from Open  Time on GDOs.
  • Primary Sick Bank cap raised from 150 hours to 220  hours.  Combined cap of the Primary and Secondary  Sick Bank is maintained at 400 hours. 
  • Voluntary monthly block ceiling raised from 100 to  110 scheduled block hours thereby giving the Flight Attendant the opportunity to improve his/her bidline.

While there are significant improvements, there are  also changes that allow Management to operate more  efficiently thereby maintaining the profitability and  success of our airline.  You will notice the following  changes:


  • Scheduled block increased from 8 to 9 hours.
  • Flights operating between 0100 and 0500 can have a  3rd segment added ONLY if that third segment is a  deadhead to domicile; the deadhead will be in a  passenger seat; and the third segment must depart  within 2:30 hours of arrival of the second segment.
  • All Daily Open Time is switched to Eastern Time
  • All Daily Open Time now posted at 1400 Eastern Time
  • Bid Packets and all Scheduling materials will no  longer be printed but will be transmitted  electronically.
  • The Time Recoverable (TAJ) window commences at  2000 Eastern time versus 2359 Local Time
  • Fleece Jacket, Blazer, Regular Vest, Scarf and Tie are  eliminated as part of the required Uniform; however,  an additional one-time credit of $125 issued to each  Flight Attendant whenever there is a Uniform change.  


There are many changes to our current collective  bargaining Agreement which are noted in the Full  Text of the Tentative Agreement.  The Full Text of the  Tentative Agreement is posted on line at  spiritafa.org/TA.  We encourage you to review the  actual Tentative Agreement language as well as the  Summary of Changes.  These documents plus real  examples of health care changes and increased wage  rates and how they affect you are posted on  spiritafa.org/TA.  


We will schedule the Tentative Agreement Roadshows  to begin the first week of April.  These Roadshows will  allow for face-to-face interaction.  This will be your  opportunity to receive clear communication and to  ask the Negotiations Committee members any  questions.  We will have the complete Roadshow  Schedule posted on spiritafa.org/TA website  shortly. We anticipate the ratification vote will close  on May 5th, 2016 at Noon Eastern Time.


Please know that your Master Executive Council  Leadership is confident that this Tentative Agreement  is in the best interest of the Flight Attendant group  and represents our worth and our value to Spirit  Airlines.  It reflects significant improvements over  past Agreements and positions us for the future.   Without hesitation or reservation, we unanimously  voted to put this package out for ratification and your  careful consideration.

Ultimately, the decision that you must make will be a  personal one.  It will be about what is in your best  interest as well as the best interest of your family.   Only you can determine the best path forward for you.  Ask questions and get the accurate information you  need to cast an informed vote. If you have any  questions, please direct them to your Local Council  Presidents, Negotiating Committee or go to  spiritafa.org/TA.  We have set up a blog chat that is  completely dedicated to answering your questions and  addressing you concerns.  We ask that you go directly  to the Blog to post your questions. We will also post  common questions and answers on the website as  When the votes are tallied, we will move forward  together based on the decision made by the majority  of those who cast a vote. As always, our solidarity  leads us to our future success. Let’s get ready to vote  and remember, YOUR VOICE, YOUR VOTE – OUR  FUTURE!  


In Solidarity,


Jorge Buchelli, Negotiations Committee Chair

MEC President


Kathryn Ayala, Negotiations Committee Chair

LEC President -Local 77 (ORD)



(Remember, you will receive two wage increases a  year.)