Air Safety, Health & Security (ASHS)

MEC Air Safety, Health & Security ChairpersonĀ Mari-Rene Alu

ASHS Contact List
ASHS Contact List

What to do in the EventĀ of an Aircraft Accident

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Spirit Airlines Safety Reporting System

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The Roles and Responsibilities of AFA-CWA Air Safety, Health and Security Committee

Objectives of Committee Members

  • Promote the goals of the committee
  • Have knowledge of and adhere to the current AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws (C&B). Especially note the Policies for Air Safety Standards in the C&B Policy Manual, Section VII
  • Acts as an advisor to the MEC and LEC elected officers on the safety, health and security matters
  • Monitor and process safety concerns of all types and conduct any surveys as may be necessary
  • Reviews materials, handles correspondence, and ensures dissemination of safety information and developments the member flight attendants through newsletters or reports of meetings
  • Keep your respective elected officers informed about all committee activities
  • Communicate with your respective safety chairs and committee members
  • Attend local council meetings to highlight safety committee activities and promote the committee
  • When attending meetings or functions on behalf of AFA-CWA, the member shall make every effort to positively participate in all activities associated with such meeting or function
  • They are responsible for assisting the Safety Chairperson in solving safety problems by gathering relevant information as well as by making Chairperson in documenting and discussing problems with management.

Important Issues

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