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Grievance Contact list
Grievance Contact list

“Be an active advocate for the flight attendants.

Always be aware of how they are treated in the workplace. 

Be prepared to actively seek solutions. This is a responsibility

of each and every one of us.”

Gripe or Grievance? What You Should Consider Before Filing a Ticket

CAUTION! Not every complaint is grievable. Or to put it another way, there’s a difference between gripes and grievances. Some contracts contain management rights clauses which restrict the types of issues which can be successfully grieved. In most cases, you must be able to show that the company’s action violated a specific contract provision or binding past practice.

Grievances address specific violations of contract language or contract practice.  In short, a grievance is a problem-solving device. It allows for a constructive and orderly resolution to contract disputes.  When trying to distinguish between a grievance and a gripe, it’s helpful to remember a humorous but true statement:  Management has a legal right to manage poorly.  Just because some management action seems stupid or wasteful to you doesn’t mean that it is necessarily a grievance.  The grievance procedure is designed as a process to constructively resolve disputes and questions regarding contract interpretation only.  

However prior to filing a grievance, the Flight Attendant is encouraged to discuss any concerns with an In-Flight Supervisor or other appropriate Company department (Crew Plan, Crew Scheduling, Crew Pay, etc).  Emailing is encouraged because the responses are trackable so the FA never has to worry about suffering from misinformation by a new Company employee. Be sure to cc the union (see for contact lists to find the appropriate department email).  Also remember timelines are in place for when a grievance can be filed (30 days from the date an incident becomes known to the FA). Refer to Section 22 of the CBA.
NOTE: Submitting a ticket is NOT an official grievance filing; this is a fact-finding questionnaire to determine if a potential violation has occurred. If you wait until your 30-day deadline is about to pass, you risk missing the deadline. AFA Representatives are not on-call 24/7. It is your responsibility to file a ticket ASAP to give your reps enough time to receive your ticket, research your case, compile your CRF and send it off to the Company. Sometimes more information is needed by you before filing, so be sure to keep an eye on your email and check your ticket status regularly while a case is open.

To ensure your gripe is also a grievance, consider the following:
What contract area do you have reason to believe has been violated by management? (Example: scheduling, reserve days, days off, rest provisions, bidding, drafting, etc):
Please note the section and page of the contract that you believe management has violated. 
Section: ____ Page: ____
Please BRIEFLY explain the events that occurred – state the facts only.
After reviewing your contract, do you believe this is a grievable violation?
What are you seeking as a remedy? (Example: additional day off, compensation, etc.)
Name/Date/Employee #:__________
Optional: Phone Number: _________
Best day/time to be reached:_______


It is every members responsibility to try and resolve any issues with Spirit management prior to filing a grievance.  If you and management are unable to come to a resolution the Grievance Committee is here to assist you. 


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