MEC Mobilization Chairperson Robbie Nara

Mobilization Contact List
Mobilization Contact List

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Purpose and Scope:

The Action or Mobilization Committee consists of a group of your fellow flight attendants who are here to keep you updated on what is happening with our contract negotiations during times of negotiations. We are here to keep channels of communication open between our Flight Attendant group, Union Officers and Committee members. We will be utilizing local people in each domicile to pass down information to our members through this committee. Additionally the Mobilization Committee is charged with distributing information on current AFA efforts in congress, local and national campaigns that affect flight attendants. 


These are your volunteers who will be contacting each Flight Attendant to keep all of us involved in the process of negotiations.

In the future we will be working on new and hopefully exciting ways to keep all Flight Attendants feeling involved and updated on everything that is happening at the negotiations table, and to get all Flight Attendants involved in showing the company that we are all united in getting a great contract that will ensure each of us a long and productive future here at Spirit.




Check back soon for updates and more information on how to mobilize and where we will be mobilizing! Updated March 8th, 2016