New Hire Mentorship Program

Contact List
Contact List

Purpose and Scope:

The New Hire Mentorship program was created with the intent to provide support and assistance to our newly hired flight attendants by designating current flight attendants from every Local Council as Mentors. These mentors can be identified by a white ribbon behind their AFA Union Pins.






New Hire Mentor Responsibilities:

Responsible for meeting with the new hired FA's during and after graduation 

● Acts as a resource or guide

● Aids new FA's navigating through the AFA website 

● Teaches how to bid and print schedules 

● Teaches how to create and/or view a ticket 

● Teaches how to download the CBA on mobile devices 

● Directs new FAs to the appropriate AFA rep for specific questions 

● Serves as a positive role model 


If you're interested in becoming a new hire mentor please view the requirements and qualifications and submit your Commitment to Serve form at the bottom of this page for consideration. 

Downloads and Links

Below are some of the most useful links and documents you'll need to start your career as a Spirit Airlines flight attendant and a member of our great flight attendant union. We highly encourage you to visit the Benefits, Support Center - Links, Support Center - Training and Tutorials and Our Union areas of the website to find a lot of other very useful information. If you're doing an airport sit or have a little time while you're waiting to be called take a moment to explore the site, there's a lot of useful information and you'll be ahead of the curve.

New Hire Mentor Application

Are you interested in becoming a New Hire Mentor? Please view the criteria and qualifications, if you feel like you meet this criteria submit your Commitment to Serve Form below.


As a mentor you are expected to aid our new hired flight attendants by providing outstanding support and advise as they make their transition into line flying flight attendants. These new hired flight attendants will look to you for guidance on not only performing their duties here at Spirit Airlines but also in learning more about our union, AFA-CWA.


Below is a full list of qualifications and expectations for our new hire mentors:


● Ability and willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise
● Approach-ability, availability, and ability to listen 
● Great work ethic 
● Preparedness 
● Inquisitiveness
● Computer savvy in basic computer programs
● Posses excellent communication skills and is able to adjust their communication to the personality style of the flight attendant
● Objectivity and fairness 
● Compassion and genuineness 

● Must be a member in good standing who is current on all union dues
● Must complete the Commitment to Serve Form below along with the interview from our Lead Mentor


Commitment To Serve

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.