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MEC New Hire Chairperson Jason Smith

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Contact List

Your afa!

To Our New Flight Attendants:

Welcome to our Flight Attendant family, we are excited to have you here. Your Union is here to help you as you take to the skies. It is very IMPORTANT for you to stay updated on what is happening in the Union and this is the best place to get the latest information. Along with this website we also publish information on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and various newsletters.

Our website also contains the contact information for all of your Local Officers’ and Committees. If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of us.

As you get settled into your new position you might like to contribute to making a difference. We are always looking for dedicated people excited about helping their co-workers. You can join one of our local committees once you are off probation.  Please contact your Local Council President for more information.

Remember as Flight Attendants, we need to work together on and off the plane.  We are only as strong as our weakest link.  So we need you to be an ACTIVE participant.  So how can you help now?  By wearing the AFA pin on your uniform, by attending your local Union meetings and learning your contract.

While looking through your new hire packet, if something occurs to you, please feel free to contact your New Hire Committee Representatives.  We always welcome comments from our members.