MEC Scheduling Chairperson David Bedene

MEC Scheduling Vice Chair Ricardo Sosa

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Scheduling Contact List

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Purpose and Scope:

Recommend and assist in building sequences of trips and days off into Monthly lines. Monitor activity from Crew Scheduling and investigate claims from Flight Attendants to ensure that the CBA is being upheld and reinforced. Advise Flight Attendants and explain sections of the CBA which they are unclear on specifically when concerns regarding Scheduling, Hours of Service, Vacation or Compensation arise.

Flight Attendants should always try to resolve issues that arise before they turn into violations. 

If an issue has not yet come to pass, bring your concern forward to the appropriate department so that they can fix the problem for you. It is at the discretion of the company if and how a Flight Attendant may need to be made whole for violations that have passed. When a Flight Attendant has proof that they made a reasonable effort to resolve the situation, the better our position will be for presenting a case or grievance. If it appears that a Flight Attendant knew of an imminent violation but neglected to make any effort to notify the company on the matter, any request for a remedy may likely be denied. 

Who do I contact if...

  • I have an issue with my pay report or pay check. Contact Crew Pay: 
  • I have an issue with bidding/SAP/bid awards/vacation awards. Contact Crew Planning:
  • I have DOR, PDY, FVL or GFD requests. Contact Operations/Scheduling:
  • Contact any Spirit department by phone at 1-800-215-1647 and follow the prompts. 
  • Contact the Union scheduling committee if you have already tried unsuccessfully to resolve an issue directly:

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