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Commuting? New hire? Lease up? Maybe we can help provide some options! This area of the site is used specifically to list crashpads, housing listings and other lodging options near each base with contact information for our FA's to help with one of the biggest struggles in our crew lives: Where to rest our heads?


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Below is a list of known NK crashpads


LEC 74 dfw

lec 76 acy-dtw

Crashpad for Female FA's in DTW


*It is 25 mins away from airport so a car is a must
*There are designated beds and storage. The maximum amount of people in the house is 7
* Verifiable flight Crew badge is required
*Free washer and dryer, high-speed internet, cable TV
*Two full baths, 1 half bath
*The separate sitting areas and a basement
The owner is Rose and her contact info is : (313) 303-2044

The Rodeway offers a monthly rate for crews and shuttle service to and from the airport. Below is a list of crew hotel rates in DTW.

lec 77 ord 

lec 78 fll

When all else fails, there's always Zillow!