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TA 3 Results: 79% YES 21% NO. Contract ratified.

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SPR Tentative Agreement Certified Result
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Dear AFA-CWA Union Brothers and Sisters,

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our Spirit Airlines AFA-CWA history.  Our Brothers and Sisters have cast their votes and our future is decided.  With a record-setting 84% of our eligible Flight Attendants voting, the vote count final is 79% voting yes and 21% voting no.  The Tentative Agreement is ratified.


It has been a long nine years.  With this vote completed, we will now come together as One Team - One Family and One Spirit.  We want to thank each and every one of our Union Brothers and Sisters for your continued dedication, your support and your professionalism throughout this fight for the recognition that we so justly deserve.  We also want to thank you for being safety professionals first and foremost and for having respect for each other and for the passengers that we serve.


The following is the press release which will be issued by our AFA-CWA International President Sara Nelson:


Pay Calculator Download

Our negotiations committee has created an excel spreadsheet to help our flight attendants understand their pay increase. Here are some notes about how it works:


- Orange are filed you can select drop down list (Rate of Pay, 401K Today, 401K TA) or input manually (Current and TA Insurance, Hours, Per Diem Etc)
- Yellow fields self populate (Pay increases and Insurance)
- On Pay Chart when you select Pay Rate in B2 it will highlight steps

- 401K when selected from drop down (either today 50% or TA 100%) will self populate in out years and all calculations are automatic

- Current Rate Monthly Insurance will add 7% in out years

Final TA3 Payscale, see "Stepping Through the Payscale" below to see how our wages will increase twice per year.

Stepping Through the Payscale

How are the Spirit Health Care Premiums Set?