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This website is home to Spirit AFA, the Spirit Flight Attendant Union. If you're looking for information on Spirit Airlines, please visit www.spirit.com

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Our flight attendant group is very diverse and dynamic, with many viewpoints, wants and needs. It takes a strong, adventurous, quick-thinking and flexible type of individual to thrive in this industry the way we do. It is amazing how many differences and similarities we can all share amongst each other. That is what makes us a beautiful but fierce COMMUNITY. We band together to press toward a common goal of making Spirit Airlines a better place to work.

Recently we've had a lot of changes happen: with the company's growth, new Local Councils formed; elections for new officers and chairpersons taking place; contract negotiations persevere and strive toward a new Tentative Agreement; etc. With all of this, we thought it was important not only to update the information on our website, but to give it a fresh new look and make it more dynamic and interactive than ever! We want to put as much power in EVERYONE'S hands as possible - so jump in and make your impact today! Whether you have regular time to serve on a committee or just a few minutes to leave a comment, every little bit matters. We get out what we put in, so with everyone's participation we have high hopes for the countless possibilities and continued advancements waiting for us all just around the corner.    

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